Who Bachelor Nation Faults For ‘Champagne-Gate’

by Jeremy Spirogis
Hannah Ann Sluss and Peter Weber

Last night’s bout of The Bachelor was remarkable for some explanations. Peter Weber eventually stated good-bye to Hannah Brown, Victoria Fuller had a meltdown during the manner program team day and threatened to go out of the program, and, needless to say, Champagne-Gate.

Hannah Ann Sluss and Peter Weber | Eric McCandless/ABC via Getty Images
Hannah Ann Sluss and Peter Weber | Eric McCandless/ABC via Getty Images

Contestant Kelsey Weier was indeed conserving a container of champagne to generally share with Weber when they got some only time. But soon after she arranged the wine in an ice container with two cups because of the fire, Hannah Ann Sluss swooped in and annexed the setup. Or, at the very least, that is what Kelsey feels occurred.

Hannah Ann swears she performedn’t understand it had been Kelsey’s champagne. She said she’d requested the manufacturers on her behalf own wine setup with Weber and will need to have gotten puzzled.

What Bachelor Nation ponders the wine incident involving Kelsey and Hannah Ann

Bachelor Nation positively ate within the whole event, but various followers tend to be siding with various folks included.

“I’m only getting trapped on #TheBachelor and BAHAHAHHA @ Kelsey when it comes to wine to your face after she had been such a bully to Mykenna and Hannah Ann. Instant karma,” wrote one lover siding with Hannah Ann.

Another fan thinks both women can be partly to blame.

“ok kelsey was definitely being a b*tch about the champagne thing but hannah ann telling peter she was being bullied is straight snake like,” they wrote.

Some fans called down Hannah Ann when it comes to means she managed things.

“*Hannah Ann talking about the champagne fiasco* So now it’s done and we are moving forward *also Hannah Ann* I’m going to have to talk to Peter about Kelsey and the champagne,” tweeted one lover.

And many people think Hannah Ann knew she had been drinking Kelsey’s wine.

“patiently waiting for woman tell all for Hannah Anne to say she knew D*MN WELL that it was Kelsey’s champagne,” wrote another.

Did the producers orchestrate Champagne-Gate?

Much of Bachelor Nation feels the manufacturers had been 100percent behind Champagne-Gate.

“the producers orchestrating all of champagne gate,” tweeted one lover together with the meme of only a little woman smiling during the digital camera in the front of a burning up home.

“so you’re telling me…..kelsey saved a special bottle of champagne for over a year and the producers told hannah ann to drink it with peter knowing it’s gonna create drama THE DEVIL WORKS HARD BUT THE BACHELOR PRODUCERS WORK HARDER,” tweeted another.

“The bachelor producers when they put an extra bottle of champagne out knowing that someone will mistake Kelsey’s bottle for one of the bottles the producers left and start drama,” tweeted another fan along side an image of Mickey Mouse saying, “It’s a surprise tool that will help us later.”

To whomever had been undoubtedly behind Champagne-Gate, Bachelor Nation thanks a lot you.

But the only thing most of the show’s fans appear to agree with is the fact that Hannah Ann providing the ultimate toast for the flower service had been the most wonderful, messy ending to your debacle.


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