Who Is Noah Centineo Playing In ‘Black Adam’ With Dwayne Johnson?

by Jeremy Spirogis
Noah Centineo

Dwayne Johnson launched a shock visitor at his DCFandome panel for Black Adam. Noah Centineo popped in throughout fan questions. Centineo is a fan too, however he’s additionally taking part in a task in Johnson’s movie. Centineo is Al Rothstein, aka Atom Smasher. Johnson additionally launched a teaser for the opposite Justice Society members who will be a part of Centineo, at any time when they’re capable of movie the film. 

Noah Centineo
Noah Centineo | Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic

Centineo and Johnson had a short dialogue throughout the Black Adam panel. Here is how Centineo is getting ready to play Atom Smasher within the movie, due in Dec. 2021. 

Noah Centineo is figuring out to tackle Dwayne Johnson

Black Adam can’t movie but, however that doesn’t imply Centineo is on maintain. He mentioned he’s figuring out to tackle Johnson. However, Johnson has just a few a long time of muscle on Centineo.

“I just want to know how you’re feeling about the fact that I’m coming for your squat game?,” Centineo requested Johnson.

Johnson took it in stride. 

Dwayne JohnsonDwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson | Steve Dietl/NBC

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“There’s a difference between coming for my squaty game, different than Atom Smasher coming for Black Adam’s squat game,” Johnson mentioned. “Man, it’s so cool to have you be part of this team and to bring Atom Smasher to life, JSA to life, to bring this entire universe that we’re going to create together to life.”

Noah Centineo is prepping for ‘Black Adam’ by quarantine

Centineo mentioned he’s been coaching throughout the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. He’s needed to regulate his coaching, nevertheless it’s nonetheless grueling sufficient to get him prepared for Black Adam.

“There’s a lot of different precautions that we take now,” Centineo mentioned. “It’s been a lot of training outside, on the tarmac or on the turf, a lot of leg work, a lot of hypertrophy training if you will. You know what that’s like. It’s a lot of work, just trying to do the best that I can to be able to come and deliver when it’s game day.”

Noah Centino and Lana CondorNoah Centino and Lana Condor
Noah Centineo and Lana Condor | Netflix

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Johnson was happy with what he heard. 

“Man, you’re going to crush this role,” Johnson mentioned. “I can’t wait. I love that you said you’re training on the tarmac. The fact that you’re on the tarmac means it’s about 120 degrees on that tarmac.”

Atom Smasher is coming for ‘Black Adam’

Johnson will be the star of the film, and Black Adam is the title. Atom Smasher is a fairly vital position too, Centineo says. He’s a member of the Justice Society of America who’re attempting to reign in Black Adam.

“I think Al Rothstein, his real name, I feel like he really has something to prove, especially with his lineage, where his grandfather was kind of a villain,” Centineo mentioned. “He’s got quite a spirit to just help. What I love about the character is he goes through this transformation throughout the film where I think he’s not expecting a world of being a superhero. This is his first mission. It kind of just like hits him across the face.”

While it could be Black Adam, it might be Atom Smasher Begins too!

Black Adam | Warner Bros./DC Comics

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“So, it’s this journey that he goes on of what it means to be a superhero,” Centineo mentioned. “He gets to really see someone like Black Adam, who takes a different approach, clearly, to solving a problem and fighting bad guys. It’s an exciting character, it’s a young character, it’s a new, fresh face. And, I don’t mind being the size of the Eiffel Tower, the Empire State Building.”

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