Why Bitcoin (BTC) & ETH Youtubers/viewers got scammed by Bill Gates imitating scammers

by Patrick Gon

Fake crypto Youtubers and Fake scammers have been bombarding the market with irritatingly idiotic videos that try to prove or make-believe that Bill Gates or some other famous personality was actually here to promote or give away some money. Typical new-age crypto fanatics see through them but the most susceptible audiences are new crypto entrants or retail audiences who do not know the difference between real and fake.

Typically, fake YouTube airdrops are quite similar to each other. With the current pandemic enraging across the planet, a series of scams that impersonate Bill Gates has some distinct features.

With Bitcoin (BTC) Price Drop, Scammers are Getting Greedy. Just like in several other previous cases, the fraudsters launch fake ‘live streams’ on YouTube, asking users to send in their Bitcoins (BTC) in order to get redouble the initial amount. An ‘entry ticket’ into this scam starts at 0.1 BTC which is more than $650. With previous scams, it was much cheaper.

The scammers also publish the URLs of this campaign, which are linked to suspicious websites. Unlike previous cases, fraudsters launch multiple live streams simultaneously. At press time of this article, at least two of them were active.

Although these will not impact the price of Bitcoin, if the scammers hoard a lot of Bitcoin (in the thousands) then it is possible that we could see an impact in the price if they crash the market.

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