Will Traditional Sports Lose Ground to Esports?

by Patrick Gon

Ethereum betting on sports has enjoyed sustained popularity in 2020 and 2021, but could it suffer because eSports is on the rise? If so, is it time for you to start looking into and possibly getting into eSports?

eSports starting taking off around 2016 and has enjoyed a significant increase in viewers since then – both occasional viewers and enthusiasts (regular watchers). 

A recent survey by Newzoo shed light via some fascinating statistics –

“In 2019, there were 245 million casual viewers and 198 million enthusiasts, making the total audience 443 million.

By 2023, the annual growth rate will be approximately 10.4%. The number of casual viewers will grow to 351 million. And there will be 295 million eSports enthusiasts, making the total audience 646 million.”

Half a billion may seem small when compared to viewership of traditional sports, but it’s the rate of growth that is the most telling. 

Why are eSports growing at such a fast rate? Is it simply because they’re new? 

Let’s start by focusing on eSports champions. After all, one of the main reasons people enjoy traditional sports is the ability to rally behind an incredible player like Michael Jordan or LeBron James, or Tiger Woods. 

Notable and Upcoming eSports Champions

Here are a few eSports champions from various games that are currently grabbing headlines, 

Sylvia Gathoni

She’s known as ‘Queen Arrow’ and she plays Tekken 7 on a competitive level. 

She’s one of the few females in the space. She juggles being a law student and a pro-gamer based in Africa. 

Sylvia Gathoni comments “There are several challenges that I’ve had to experience. Primarily, being sexism. There are some men who do not like the idea that I’ve made it as far as I have. They say that the only reason that I’ve gotten signed, is because I’m a woman and it’s not because of my hard work and my skill. To be honest such remarks are hurtful and they kind of tend to undermine my determination and my hard work.”

Yet she is blazing forward and gaining more and more followers. 

Johan Sundstein

Johan is currently the #1 highest-paid gamer according to one site. He is based in Denmark and plays DOTA2 — currently the eSports game with the highest payouts.

If you’re curious how much such a top-ranked eSports player earns, it’s reported that Johan earns $6,969,737.

Seven million dollars is quite a lot for someone just starting their professional career at such a young age. 

Hayden Krueger

Hayden Krueger hails from the U.S. where he competes in the hot eSports game Fortnite. 

Fortnite is a battle royal-style game played online. 

Hayden earns approximately $992,733 and is, therefore, the first person on the list to earn below seven figures (below $1 million US). 

The list shows he is number 95 in terms of earnings. Therefore, there are 94 eSports champions who earn more than $1 million annually from playing eSports. The majority of them also happen to be younger than 21 years old. 

Such payouts to such a new, but growing industry, show the potential of the area in general. In fact, the list shows that over 500 players earn over a quarter million US annually. 

These are legitimate earnings that occur year after year. Yes, they fluctuate but not by a large amount. This, in turn, legitimizes eSports as a possible and lucrative career choice for young people. 

Older generations may still laugh at the fact that some kid is earning millions playing computer games; but it’s difficult to see the difference these days between playing computer games and kicking a ball around outside — especially when real money is on the table. 

Therefore, it can be said that traditional sports will start losing ground to eSports. After all, change starts with the younger generations. If the younger generations are playing eSports and viewing eSports, then naturally that’s where marketing dollars and other investments will flow. 

eSports betting sites that accept cryptocurrencies already exist, as the linked list at the top shows. This is proof itself that innovators and entrepreneurs are putting their valuable time and investment capital into this bet that eSports will take a growing chunk out of traditional sports. 

How to Prepare for eSports 

If you’ve been a fan of traditional sports and you’re curious to follow and bet on eSports, then it may take some time to adjust. 

The picture above shows that eSports might not look too different from traditional sports on a macro level — both sports can pack stadiums full of fans. Yet on a micro level, they’re quite different. 

If this article has piqued your curiosity about eSports, then it’s highly suggested you start diving into the various sports, champions, and industry of eSports. 

Betting is one place to start since people who put their money down tend to be quite passionate and therefore a good barometer about which eSports games and champions are worth learning more about. 

Some eSports betting is done through cryptocurrencies, it’s worth noting. That’s another fascinating field that’s new and upcoming and worth some time to investigate. 

Good luck and have fun out there. 

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.

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