Will YouTuber NikkieTutorials Ever Reveal Who Her Blackmailer Was?

by Jeremy Spirogis
Nikkie de Jager during her most recent video, "Responding To My Coming Out."

It’s been a few weeks since YouTuber NikkieTutorials got here out as transgender on her YouTube channel. But since then, Nikkie de Jager (her actual, non-YouTube identify) has been talked about worldwide. Her video, titled “I’m Coming Out” has garnered over 33 million views and allowed her to go on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Jan. 22.

An enormous a part of why NikkieTutorials got here out now was due to blackmail she acquired, making an attempt to destroy her profession by releasing the truth that she was transgender. There has been numerous hypothesis about who it may very well be, and NikkieTutorials herself revealed if she would ever give the world this particular person’s identify. 

Nikkie de Jager during her most recent video, "Responding To My Coming Out."
Nikkie de Jager throughout her most up-to-date video, “Responding To My Coming Out” | NikkieTutorials/YouTube

It’s NikkieTutorials’ proper to disclose her blackmailers, nobody else‘s

On Jan. 28, NikkieTutorials made her first video since her popping out on YouTube. She did slightly make-up remedy session referred to as, “Responding To My Coming Out.” She goes into the whirlwind it’s been since her final video, and will get into one of many greatest questions she’s been getting: who’s the blackmailer? 

NikkieTutorials first urges everybody to cease making an attempt to hunt for stated abuser. “If anyone’s gonna have the right to tell more about these blackmailers, it’s gonna be me,” she stated within the video. She stated that nobody needs to be speaking concerning the blackmailer, as a result of solely NikkieTutorials is aware of the complete fact.

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But, she assured everybody that she did know precisely who was emailing her. She shared that with police assist, she has their identify, numbers, emails, handle and extra. De Jager additionally is aware of how they had been in a position to achieve this delicate details about her. “When I found out exactly who was behind this all, I was shocked,” she shared. “Because this is not a person that any of you know. It is someone that I don’t even personally know.”

It’s been “one of the most difficult decisions” for her to determine what to do concerning the blackmailer

Now she has the exhausting selection on how you can proceed. Does she cope with the blackmailer by revealing them to the world? Pressing expenses publicly? She stated that it’s been a “frightening” and “freeing” expertise, studying their id. But it’s additionally created “one of the most difficult decisions” of NikkieTutorials’ life. 

“I feel like everybody who does something wrong should be punished. But after all of the responses these last couple of weeks and literally being worldwide news, I know now that comes with the greatest responsibility I’ve ever had in my life,” she stated. “I know this is gonna sound so stupid and weird, but with this platform we have right here, I have the power to destroy a life. I have the ability to not only destroy the life of my blackmailer, but also the life of his family, his kids, his friends, his surroundings.”

Would she be stooping to their degree if she “outs” their identify?

De Jager has 13.1 million followers on YouTube, 13.7 million on Instagram, and 1.95 million on Twitter. So sure, if NikkieTutorials needs to launch the identify of this particular person, they will really feel the ache of what they tried to do. Because of this, she’s additionally been preventing the ethical dilemma that query brings. “If I out this person, am I gonna be doing the same as this person did to me? Do I want that? Do I need that?” she mused. 

This is why she finally determined that she’s not sharing their id proper now. “Nobody in this world deserves to get blackmailed or to get pushed or pressured into coming out. And nobody should get away with blackmailing,” she shared. “But when I look at my situation, when I look at my life, at everything that happened to me, that person has been punished… I don’t want to lower myself to his level. I’m creating my own level. I am better than that.”

Her blackmailer already acquired their punishment

With the massively constructive response de Jager acquired from the world, her abuser acquired their punishment ultimately, although he nonetheless has his anonymity to the general public. “[The blackmailer] now know[s] that I know exactly who it is, and I think they’re gonna have a little bit of that fear,” she stated. “That one day maybe their name is gonna leak to the press, and they’re gonna feel exactly the same thing as I was feeling. But I think it is my right to determine if I want that name to come out or not.”

NikkieTutorials does, although, make it clear that she is in a particular state of affairs. She has a significant platform to make this determination. De Jager stresses that if anybody watching goes by way of one thing comparable, they’ve the proper to really feel protected, and which means going to the police, a trusted grownup, or another person to “take back your power.”

Even although NikkieTutorials’ blackmailer will get to stay one other day with out the world understanding their identify, de Jager does finish the video with some parting recommendation. “For 2020, we’re gonna let karma do it’s mother-flippin’ thing,?”

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