Winter cold or heart and blood pressure disease, keeping this tree in the house will be all away

by Patricia Lin
Know these home remedies to remove these spots

Common cold, cold or heart and blood pressure disease, it is likely to be treated with tree plants at home. There are many such plants, which can be enjoyed not only by freshness in the house but also the health of the family can be kept better. If there is a good knowledge about the properties and uses of these plants, then many diseases can be dealt with indoors. <! –

                 Let's know about them:

Curry leaf
In addition to iron, calcium and phosphorus, the leaves of this plant containing fiber, proteins and carbohydrates are helpful in digestion and reduce cholesterol levels. Applying the juice of leaves on small burns is beneficial.

Lemon grass
Drinking this provides relief in migraine, cold and cold. It can be drunk by adding it to tea.

Lycopene found in it is very beneficial for cancer patients.

Heals skin related diseases. Skin paste is removed by applying the paste made by grinding the leaves.

Aloe vera
Properties of coughing, removing facial pimples, clearing blood and meeting hemoglobin deficiency. Peel the leaves and drink its juice.

Acts as an antioxidant and keeps the brain active. Many diseases can be cured by taking tea made from cinnamon and honey.

The 'phytochemicals' found in it strengthen the disease resistant capacity of the body. Carrots can be taken daily as a salad.

Controls blood pressure. Chewing some leaves of mint in the morning every morning is beneficial in blood pressure disease.

Relieve joint pain with a cold. Mix ginger juice in sesame oil and cook on flame and massaging with joint pain will be beneficial.

Pineapple containing 'bromelain enzyme' treats muscle pain. Drink pineapple juice every day.

Along with the relief of cold and cold, its strong estron flavor also relieves stress. Use basil in tea.

Beneficial in prevention of cancer with diseases related to blood and heart. There is also relief in joint pain.

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