Wish Modi, like Indira, may have mentioned that no nation dares to offer orders to India

by Jeremy Spirogis
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Krishna Kant
3 December, 1971. Pakistan attacked eight navy bases in Western India. Pakistan's plan was to wreck India by attacking first. But the Indian Army retreated safely.

Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and General Manek Shaw have been ready for this chance. Under the unprecedented management of General JS Arora, the Indian Army surrounded East Pakistan.

President Nixon intervened on behalf of Pakistan. Declared India as an invader, imposed a number of restrictions and proposed a ceasefire within the United Nations. Russia stood with India, it vetoed it. <! –


On 9 December, Nixon despatched the seventh American fleet to India. Prime Minister Indira Gandhi mentioned, India will not be afraid of anybody, whether or not it’s the seventh fleet or the seventeenth.

When the US compelled the withdrawal of the military, Indira Gandhi mentioned in two phrases, 'No nation ought to dare to offer orders to India.'

In response to America, General Manek Shaw ordered, India's navy plan must be intensified.

The warfare that started on 3 December ended on 13 December. 93 thousand troopers of Pakistan surrendered to India. America remained speechless. His seventh fleet by no means reached India.

Indira Gandhi advised the BBC, 'We will not be depending on what different international locations suppose or what we do or what they need us to do, we all know what we wish to do and what we wish to do Going to do No matter what its price is.

Today Narendra Modi is the Prime Minister. Only final 12 months, America and Trump threatened India to cease taking oil from Iran, in any other case it’s going to ban it. Now the brand new difficulty is a few medicines together with malaria. They overtly threaten and India lifts the ban on exports and it’s being defended.

Trump mentioned, 'I spoke to him (PM Modi) on Monday morning, I mentioned that should you permit our provide to come back, we are going to welcome it. Even if they don’t permit us to come back, it’s positive, however definitely we will additionally reverse. Why shouldn't we do that? '

The Indian Express wrote, "Within a few hours of US President Trump's 'counterattack' warning, India has lifted the partial ban on the export of hydrochloroquine."

The Wire wrote, “ On Tuesday, India exported a good quantity of paracetamol and 'hydroxychloroquine' to some international locations, simply hours after Donald Trump warned India to not bear the results of 'anti-malarial' hydroxychloroquine '. Temporarily authorized '.

Congress chief Shashi Tharoor mentioned, 'In my many years of expertise in international affairs, I’ve by no means heard that any head of state or authorities is making such open threats. How are you able to say 'Our provide' to hydrochloroquine in India, Mr. President? This is your provide solely when India decides to promote it to you.

Hear that the Prime Minister can be very robust, the federal government can be very robust. So Hazur! Why do you give up many times? Has India's sovereignty been mortgaged to Trump? Is our nation in a weaker place than in 1971 which takes its selections on the specter of America?
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