‘You’: Who Is Returning For Season 3 associated with the Netflix Series? Spoiler Alert

by Jeremy Spirogis
Penn Badgley

Almost once Season 2 of You dropped on Netflix, committed viewers wondered in the event that beloved thriller show is coming back for a Season 3. 

But You’s cult following luckily for us didn’t need to wait really miss the headlines. Netflix launched on Jan. 14 that Penn Badgley will certainly return for a Season 3 in 2021. 

Fans of Joe Goldberg, the absolute most beloved (and feared) stalker on tv, straight away began guessing exactly what would come next. We last left Joe peering through fence slats at a mysterious next-door neighbor, while their most recent woman was somewhere nearby (and presumably expecting). Who might be Joe’s (or Love Quinn’s) next victim in Season 3?

Penn Badgley
Penn Badgley | Jim Spellman/Getty Images

Netflix launched ‘You’ will get back for Season 3 in 2021

On Jan. 14, Netflix took to Twitter to announce that You would get back for the next 10-episode period in 2021. “See you soon, neighbor. YOU S3 is coming,” read the announcement

Harper’s Bazaar reports that showrunner Sera Gamble and Joe Berlanti will get back as executive producers, therefore we can probably anticipate equivalent creepy goodness we found understand and love in the 1st two seasons. 

Of program, followers could have already been only a little focused on a restoration, but Badgley currently leaked the headlines (basically, at the very least). In a meeting with Entertainment Tonight, he quickly talked about “the third season” before panicking a little and saying he “technically” couldn’t let anything fall.

Love and Joe would be right back for Season 3

It looks like Joe’s astonishing angle of a tale along with his match (much more ways than one), Love Quinn, will stay in You Season 3. 

According to Harper’s Bazaar, both Badgley and Victoria Pedretti, which plays Love, would be right back when it comes to 3rd period. Since we final saw Love heading off Joe’s effort at murder with a pregnancy statement and a move into the ‘burbs, we’re yes you will see a good amount of infant mama crisis to be enjoyed with this two favorite serial killers. 

Gamble also hinted that Love’s troubled household might continue steadily to play a lot more of a task within the 3rd period. She informed Entertainment Weekly in a recently available meeting, “I have so many questions about Love’s mother who’s incredibly in the picture at the end of the season, like how much she really knows about her children.” Maybe she’ll eventually see the facts about her picture-perfect daughter in Season 3.

Fans curently have a few ideas in regards to the next period

Of program, proceeding into You Season 3, there’s one question on everyone’s head: Who the heck could be the woman Joe is creeping on through the fence? With a collection of publications close to her and a marriage band (making her unattainable, needless to say), she seems exactly like Joe’s type, that is for certain.

Many You fans believed it may be Joe’s mom, which experienced an unidentified fate in Season 2’s many flashbacks. But Badgley debunked the lover concept, informing Bustle, “She’s definitely not his mom.”

Other lover ideas recommend it may be Season 1’s Guinevere Beck, straight back from the (presumed) dead, or certainly one of her buddies or family relations looking for payback on Joe. 

Still other fans believe it might be in Joe’s head. “The neighborhood they’re in at the end is way too pristine to be real, yet the only thing that seems imperfect is the fence between Joe & the neighbor,” wrote one fan on Twitter. “The fence represents reality, aka Joe making up everything in his head.”

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