You is not going to know all these disadvantages of ingesting milk tea

by Jeremy Spirogis
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About 90 % of individuals in India drink tea earlier than breakfast within the morning. Who doesn’t prefer to drink tea in winter season. Many folks sleep solely after ending a cup of tea. How a lot is the fan following of tea, it cannot even be counted. Seeing an identical sort of thoughts, I considered it. Green Tea, White Tea, Black Tea, Lemon Tea, and plenty of extra, there are a lot of kinds of tea and its followers. <! –


Most folks prefer to drink milk tea however have you learnt that it’s completely dangerous for well being. According to the researchers, including milk to tea can change its organic exercise, which might get rid of constructive results. In such a scenario, tea lovers ought to eat extra black tea, in order that we are able to keep wholesome.

According to the data, inform us that ingesting greater than two cups of tea a day may cause insomnia. Not solely this, milk tea can even disrupt your psychological well being, which will increase anxiousness, stress and anxiousness.

According to the examine it has been discovered that individuals who drink an excessive amount of milk tea on an empty abdomen really feel drained. The impact of antioxidants is eradicated by including milk to tea.

A chemical referred to as theophylline in tea may also help to detoxify your physique. Too a lot theophylline can dehydrate you and there’s a threat of constipation.

Drinking an excessive amount of tea with milk may cause flatulence. The caffeine in tea is the reason for your bloating. Adding milk to it might probably worsen the scenario as milk and caffeine promote fuel formation.

Advantages of Black Tea:

-If milk will not be added to tea, it helps quite a bit, like lowering weight problems. But if extra black tea is consumed, it straight impacts the abdomen.

-Black tea protects in opposition to coronary heart issues. If you need your coronary heart to be wholesome, then take 2-Three cups of black tea a day.

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